7 Nov

The Sensual Flow – Erotic Massage Teens

Sexy Japanese gravure idol Rua Aikawa photo (078)

She edged her way into the room with a catty, wispy walk, barely making audible footsteps, while swaying her curves masterfully, as she entered. She ignored him and walked across the room to the switch and lit the crystal re cohn bulbs. The ruby, red light created a dull sensual glow. She was the master talent, the heart of her trade, a tantric masseuse par excellence.

She then pulled out coral pink candles and lit them, lining them up next to the bed, the length of his body. Her long coal black hair contrasted with her pale Asian skin to give her a lusty natural look. She had this sexy appeal, a luscious awe, that sensual beauty, at the height of her feminine youthfulness. She had mastered her art. Her first year in tantric massage trade.

The coral pink color of the candles washed the room with a deep, mellow air. The thin line of smoke went up the room emitting a raw, abstract fragrance that encumbered the room with a scented sensual smell to his nose.

She pushed her hands behind her back and unstrapped her bra to the right and let the single strap fall revealing a full pointed breasts. Her supple flesh narrowed gently to a tip end of her small nipple.

She let it hung for a moment then pulled of the strap on the left shoulder gently revealing the two breast flowing out of her narrow chest. The bra dropped sluggishly down her body, over her pretty navel, her curves and over the lacy scarlet underwear and down her thighs before folding up slowly at her small feet. She walked over it, her body cutting through the thick aroma of the room and laid her hands on his groin. She massaged him slowly.

Her hands firmly went down his side of the spine, over his butt, gently pressing into his thighs. She never knew why but the massage of the crotch and the lower areas of the spine muscles released a deep sensation that flowed through his left side and all over his body giving him a spasmic reaction.

Her hands crawled through the lumber area of his body gently pressing the rich nerves releasing an orgasm that flowed into the pleasure nerves all through the pelvic area.
He let out a slow sonorous silent moan, his breathing became deep and full bodied. She pulled over towards his head and let her thighs stop within inches of his head, then she let off her arm and slowly pulled down the top laces of her underwear and consciously pushed it down her things, lifted up her left leg and let the thong fall down to her right foot.

She pushed down on him resting on all fours as she pushed her hands deeper and deeper into his thighs, her thumbs pressed on his crotch and deliberately brushed on his upper leg. He let out a sigh of disappointment as she walked off slowly signalling the end of the massage session.