25 Sep

Tantric Teens for Outcall, all Hong Kong Massage Teens

Yukai Chang The Forbidden Fantasy


I have to confess I had mixed feelings of anticipation, anxiety and nervousness all simultaneously on arrival. My momentary excitement was abated when the door was slowly swung open to reveal my supposed therapist. The sweet scent and eccentric fragrance of perfume and sensual oils from the well-lit massage parlor. “Welcome in Craig, you are right on time” she softly said with a deep Chinese accent, handing me a glass of pearls red wine.

I watched her stand there, her aura emanating and filling the entire room. Gazing uncontrollably at her, I held my breath. I hardly heard what she said as I stared at her perfectly curved hips, full breasts, sparkling set of dents and full lips, her mouth formed the sexiest yet friendly and heartwarming smile I had ever seen. Gathering back my sanity I heard her soft almost seductive if not sedative voice “welcome, Craig.” “Thank you” is all that could escape my lips.

Saying she was beautiful, would be an understatement for the young, petite and luscious Chinese teen masseuse was a real goddess. The sweet elegant and quirky nature of her smile and glance alone drew, is out of this world. Her femininity and charm were so captivating, so palpable….the indescribable exotic beauty  would enchant you from the first glimpse…her long shapely legs and slim toned body sent erotic impulses sent  shivers as I imagined sliding deeply into and out of her honey pot.

She led me to the changing cabinet. I donned a beautiful robe and sandals before heading towards the warm bubble bath, brimming with red rose petals. She took off my robe, so alluringly, with her large gorgeous eyes lazily gazing at my already full manhood. She seductively untucked hers, letting it fall down all at a go, revealing a pair of the most gorgeous, jaw-dropping, and perfectly created, round boobs….”wow!” is all I quietly said to myself. Her long thick dark and natural hair flowed down to the middle of her back, her deep dark brown eyes punctured mine, as they traveled up and down her body several times.

The bath didn’t last long as I might have desired…for soon I was in my robe again moving towards the massaging bed. Facing down upon the cozy bed, resting my head gently on a fresh soft towel and a firm pillow beneath. Ripping my robe off, she reached for a naturally moisturizing and revitalizing massage gel. Pouring some of the cold, slippery and oily liquid on my spine, then scooping some to rub on my body and hers, the softness of her inner thighs caressingly getting into contact with the sides of my butt as she straddled me felt heavenlYukay…. The feeling of her rosebud press hard on me sent my heart racing uncontrollably.

Her soft fingers rubbed deep into my skin, along my back, and to the sides of my chest. I found myself anticipating for more, heaving and moaning soft
ly. The ecstasy of this exquisite sensual tantric touch was a feeling next to none. Arching up a bit, she made herself lie next to me, her oily body against mine. Feeling the slippery hands and tentative breasts, sexy thighs and fine legs of this tantra massage goddess against me I knew I was in a world of no return…describing how her curvaceous hips and whole feminine frame of beauty, sliding on me as she massaged, with her quiet pleasurable groans she whispered into my ear “ Yukai, is my name.”